Wood Floors Are Great

Wood floors can add the beauty and sophisticated of any building. Wood floors have a different aura and even can make a dull interior looks good. Wood floors are long lasting and can be maintained without cost you much money. There are many variety of wood floors you can choose, such as:

1. Solid Parent Floor ¾
2. Engineered floor
3. Solid Plank Floor ¾ * 3”
4. Solid Strip Floor

These type of floors can be unfinished, impregnated, pre-finished or multiply. Wood floors can be installed in everywhere you want. The installation can be floated, stapled, glued. You can laminate the glued installations of floated except nailed installation. For that kind of installation, you can only be engineered.

Wood floors will enhance the value of your house. These floors are easy to maintain because you just need to sweep and clean with the specific products for this purpose is enough. You can only mop the floor, but do no mop with damp broom or cloth cause it can harm the floor. .

The entire house can have wood floors but it is always a good idea to leave the bathroom aside cause most likely in the bathroom there is high chance of water damp.

Floors and walls create a basic feel about a room. This is something intangible, difficult to explain with words. Wood floors offer the consumers a great deal of variety in color cause different wood has different color. For your guidance, dark floor is better for formal or traditional interior while lighter colors are suitable for more casual rooms.

For dark color red oak, natural, maple natural are very popular while like Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Walnut, Santos Mahogany are popular for lighter wood floor. Nowadays, hand painted wood floors are popular. It gives a feeling of being a designer one.

If you want to have wood floor get advice from wood floor professional first. It will help you from becoming too confused what type of wood will be great for home.