Tips On Purchasing A Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial vacuum cleaners cost from $200 to $2000. If you are purchasing the vacuum for a residential or commercial cleaning company you need a vacuum cleaner that won’t break down and user-friendly. Some commercial vacuum cleaners can have a life span of up to 15 years. There are three factors to look at when buying a vacuum cleaner.

1. Manufacturer
Purchase from the manufacture that has had ample time to perfect their product. The commercial vacuum also has a various price so you may purchase lower prices from a less known company. Here are some manufacturers of commercial vacuum cleaners which are Hoover, Eureka, National Super Service, Proteam, and Crusader.

2. Features
When looking at vacuum cleaners consider what you are going to use it for, whether you use that for cleaning main traffic areas, small workstation cubicles, large open areas or places that are hard to reach. A commercial upright vacuum cleaner will be suitable for cleaning a lot of hallways or walking traffic areas. Or you can purchase a wide area vacuum for large carpeted areas such as banquet halls and conference areas. Attachments such as crevice tools, extension tools, bare floor tools and extension tubes are also featured that may you take as a consideration on choosing vacuum cleaner.

3. Warranty
You can reduce repair costs by getting the longest and most comprehensive warranty plan possible if you intend to keep your vacuum cleaner as long as you can. Make sure to pick a vacuum with a long service warranty as repair service by a knowledgeable technician can be costly.

Now you already have some information about what you should be considered before you purchase a vacuum cleaner. Picked out the models in your price range. You can pick few models so you can compare the specification before deciding to buy one.


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